Pornstar martini

One of the world's most popular cocktail. Remember: It's not an original Pornstar Martini if it is not made with Passoã!


40ml Passoã
30ml vodka
10ml vanilla syrup
15ml lime or lemon juice
Pulp of 1 fresh passionfruit

The Pornstar Martini cocktail was created by Douglas Ankrah in London in the early 2000s, using Passoã is his original recipe. The combination of passionfruit and vanilla gives a delicious sweet and sour taste to this highly glamorous cocktail. Whip up the iconic Pornstar martini in a flash!


1 - Double shake all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice

2 - Double strain and serve in a fancy pre-chilled coupe or martini glass

3 - Garnish with one passionfruit half and serve with a shot of prosecco or champagne


Bartender advice: when available, we recommend using unsweetened passionfruit puree (30ml/1oz) instead of fresh passionfruit, for a greater foam layer. In that case, you don’t need to use lime/lemon juice anymore.


Tips when you don’t have all ingredients available at home:

  • If you don’t have fresh passionfruit or puree, you can use passionfruit juice (25ml /0.75 oz). Simply use a bit less vodka to keep a nice consistence (20ml =2/3 oz vodka)
  • Vanilla syrup can be replaced by 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar.


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